This Exists: The “Miss TSA Calendar,” Featuring Sexy X-Rays Of Girls In Heels

Funny idea here.
by Hillary Busis | 12:50 pm, November 30th, 2010

Miss TSALooking to make light of the whole body scanner/patdown controversy? Then say hello to the “Miss TSA Calendar,” a collection of photos that show girls in classic pinup positions. The catch? The pictures are all x-rays, so the only things that are visible in them are bones and the models’ high heels.

The images, which apparently first showed up on last week, don’t actually have anything to do with the TSA. As Copyranter noted way back in June, when the pictures first surfaced, they’re the work of Japanese tech company EIZO. The pics were taken for a calendar that’s promoting a line of high-end computer monitors to doctors.

Gadling’s Annie Scott notes that the calendar itself is available for purchase on eBay—for the low, low price of £69.69 (which works out to about $108.32). The perfect gift for the guy or gal who has everything!


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